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This book is a means to an end. If we act quickly, we can put an end to all the unnecessary wars and plagues that have been started by our alien overseers down through the millennia as a means of harvesting us as a food resource. We have to change what is happening by negotiation from a position of strength. War is not the answer. 

The Reptoids are not our "enemy." They are an older race from Earth. They are higher up on the evolutionary ladder and the food chain. What we have to do is to break the food chain between man and Reptoid and reattach it to a lower level Earth species like our cattle. Keep in mind we are so closely related to the Reptoids that they can crossbreed with us to produce hybrids. So they need to be considered as advanced cousins, future trading partners, and prospective customers for food resources we raise to supply to them. We do have them to thank for inadvertently giving us the advanced technology that we acquired over the last 50 years from the inept Grays in their employ.

The Reptoids gave us religion too, which when used properly has "redeeming" qualities. They may have even advanced us genetically so we could thrive without as much direct supervision. That was supposed to benefit their breeding program, but it helped us too. I think they advanced our mental capacity more than they intended to, all the way to sentience. A war of independence against a race 65 million years more advanced than us is a bad idea. 

It is in the best interest of both species to be dependent on each other anyway. Their needs here are basic. They want food to restock their passing migration fleet about every 50 years. We don't need to get into a war convince them to fill their needs from other food resources that are available here. A military confrontation is just to get their attention. Next we inform them of the other meat available here. If we can get the Reptoids to agree to move their excess population on a continuous basis in smaller numbers, we won't need to gear up Earth ranching operations to supply big spikes in meat demand every 50 years. The other mother ships in their fleet could then be used to continuously import and export trade goods between our worlds. Maybe they will let us pilot them, or act as crew members. This is a great opportunity for man: a chance for joint colonization of new worlds, and trade with advanced races.

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