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Introducing a New Book by Art Greenfield

The Warning

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The Warning:


Paul Revere is famous for his midnight ride to warn the Minutemen that the British were coming. They had to take up arms to defend their land and liberty. In this era we are faced by an advanced race that poses a serious threat to us. 


There is more at stake than land and liberty. A large number of people stand to have their lives taken. The Reptoids get us to turn our guns on each other, then harvest the dead from both sides. So the warning has to go to all countries on Earth who may have reason to become  adversaries to each other. 


The human race must put their political, religious, and ideological hatreds aside. War is a harvesting tool of the Reptoids. When they realize we are on to them, they will start plagues. We have to become militarily strong to deny them access to Earth space and prevent them from starting wars or plagues and harvesting the victims. Then we can force them to negotiate a trade agreement for food, and we will no longer be on their menu.


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