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The Message of this book is:

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bullet  Reptoid aliens have been using us as a food resource for thousands of years. They came from Earth originally.
bullet  The aliens cause wars and plagues to start every 30 to 50 years to generate a large supply of meat
bullet  The government knows about it but keeps quiet to avoid public panic.
bullet  The military has taken some defensive measures: HAARP, advanced space warcraft, deep space and global surveillance satellites, and hunter-killer satellites.
bullet  We need to go on an all-out full scale war footing to build a huge defense force.

"Whatever we were fighting over became minimally important in the face of a threat from creatures who were so superior to us in technology that we were their farm animals to be harvested as they pleased."

Col. Philip J. Corso - "The Day After Roswell"

Space Station Diagram

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